This section documents the code-points used to identify codecs, or sample (access unit) formats. These are the four-character codes of sample entries (sample descriptions) in ISO media files.

There is also a table of boxes that are stored in the sample entries for various track types.

Requests for a code-point in this area should identify the specification of the coding system, as well as the specification where the code-point is defined. The definition of the code-point should document the sample (access unit) format as well as the sample entry (sample description) format. Note that extra boxes (atoms) within the sample entry, which are specific to that coding system, need not be, and usually are not, registered.

Requests for a code-point in this area will normally also cause an objectTypeIndication to be allocated, so that the coding system can be used in MPEG-4 systems. Please indicate if this is not desirable.

Note well: the existence of an ObjectType identification here does not document in which contexts, if any, that code-point may be used. The documentation must be consulted.

Sample Entry Codes Registered to ISO (see below for QuickTime code points)

Metadata Item Type Codes Registered to ISO

Box types contained in specific Sample Entries

  1. See the color information in the 'misc' tables for the contents of the color information box.

Sample Entry Codes Registered for QuickTime